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The Hybrid Realm Video Game Podcast - Season 2 Episode 1
August 20, 2009 08:12 PM PDT
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We are back on track and we are lucky! The file wasn't too big so i can store the files for 1 more week! sorry for all the trouble people thought this episode will be like 100 mbs or something. Anyway today i'm giving the introduction because LINDA is still kind of mad at me because i went to SGC without her so yeah anyway this show is going to kick some major ass because is 201% awesomer than last season! Menu: 00:00 - Introduction 07:35 - The Announcements 13:45 - g1 TheIncredibleJeff's Comic Desk! (Death of Super Heroes) 20:55 - g1 Birthdays! 22:25 - The Headlines! (News around the video game world) 28:30 - The Interrogation: Meet Nathan Barnatt - Keith Apikary 59:18 - End Of Transmission See ya Next Week! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Announcement: g1 ALEX.TRILL "Extra Life 2009 will take place on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 as gamers from all corners of the globe come together for a 24-hour video game marathon raising money to strike a blow against pediatric cancer. Someone will sponsor you, 1 dollar an hour, 24 hours. Heres a link for more information, please g1's participate. Any questions, im not always on screwattack but always on aim - alexboi93 http://extralife.sarcasticgamer.com " I'm going to do it people, what about you? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live Stream from my Room (if i'm not asleep...)
The Hybrid Realm Tribute - Halo Combat Evolved
July 31, 2009 04:02 PM PDT
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We here at The Hybrid Realm love video games, no doubt it and at least for me video game soundtracks are just another great media for entertainment.

In this tributes we just don't want to put the music and show the whole OST, no, we want to show the journey, the story of the game and how it gets involve through its own music and believe me... the journey is worth it...

Theres so many epic music in gaming that for many of us was our childhood. Super Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Doom, Metal Gear Solid, the list can go on and on but still everyone has a different list preferd gaming music, hell, video game music remixes just proves that any kind of music type fits perfectly to the genre.

So we present you a tribute to those awesome gamings soundtarcks that just keeps usremembering how awesome this games are.

In This Episode:
Halo Combat Evolved

I gotta be honest, Halo is one of my favorite games on the Xbox, hell was the game that made me bought the damn Xbox in the first place, i didn't bought more games thought, had a few ones including Halo 2 but i can count them.

But what really got me into Halo was the intro music, mind blowing, the chorus of the game and that awesome rock anthem jsut keep me into the game, i usually use the Halo theme while gmaing on a FPS, no matter what it just kgets me into the game.


  • Bungie Studios
  • Gearbox Software (for Windows)
  • MacSoft Games (for Mac)/li>

*Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

*Release Date:

  • Xbox
    NA November 15, 2001
    EU March 14, 2002
    AUS March 14, 2002
  • Microsoft Windows
    NA September 30, 2003
    EU October 10, 2003

  • Mac OS X
    NA December 3, 2003

*Composer: Marty O'Donnell
-Acclaim audio director from Bungie Studio's Mrty O'Donnell is the guy responsible for the music of this awesome game and i'm glad he did it because is a master piece, in his own words O'Donnell said "a feeling of importance, weight, and sense of the 'ancient'" and decided to design the music so that it "could be dissembled and remixed in such a way that would give multiple, interchangeable loops that could be randomly recombined in order to keep the piece interesting as well as a variable length".

This by far has been a master piece in the gaming industry to the level of Final Fantasy, i'm not saying is the BEST of all game soundtracks but it is damn good it deserves a position between the best!

Tribute info:
*Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes, 24 seconds.
*Music: Halo Combat Evolved OST Property of Bungie © 2002
*Tribute creator: Hybrid Rain (Gerardo Mejia)
*The Hybrid Realm © 2009


Just in case, if you miss the last episode of my podcast this is what you miss:

Listen Directly Here
Download Directly to you MP3 player Here
Art by:g1 Destructorv2


Hybrid Realm Episode 9: Meet High School Ben and thnaks for the Hits!
June 07, 2009 12:38 AM PDT
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Art by:g1 Destructorv2 Achivements!!!
  • Got into the 4th position of the Top 10 Video Game podcasts category on podomatic.com on April, 2009.
  • Got into the 4th position of the Top 10 Video Game podcasts category and Got the 12 position on the top 20 must heard Podcast on podomatic.com on May 11, 2009.
  • #1 podcast on Podomatic on the month of May, 2009.
  • Made it to the "Movers and shakers" of May, 2009.
Hello g1's and people from around the world, this is Linda and all i want to say is thank you for all the support you give us through the creation of the podcast, thanks to you we recive the #1 spot on podomatic in the month of May. You are awesome and thats all you have to know. Oh and almost forgot, some words from Hybrid Rain: "People, g1's, i'm very happy for all thats has appened in th elast few weeks, getting out of the semester and finding out we were able to reach the number 1 spot on podomatic, thank you, thank you so much for all your support, we promise ya we will keep rocking and sharing with you the best entertainment we can find. Ok quick thing. I'll be traveling to USA on june 10th, so people be preapred because The Hybrid... is going to SGC. That's it for this, you are great, the people and g1's. Just keep rocking! Today we have on the show another special guest, High School Ben people cheer up! And now i'll leave ya with the summary of todays awesome podcast. Linda, please guide them." Roger that boss. Show's Timeline: *00:00 - Intro. *07:17 - The Announcements. *10:30 - g1 Birthdays. *11:48 - The Headlines *14:20 - The Interrogation with High School Ben *37:47 - Conclutions. End of Transmission. Headline Sources: *PSP supports UMDs??? *N more Sex anime games??? *New ps3... i mean Black Wii *The DSi was just a hoax??? Check this awesome sites from The Announcements: *91.8 The Fan *ScrewAttack *That Guy with the Glasses If you miss the last episode this is what you miss: Listen Directly Here Download Directly to you MP3 player Here Thanks for all. Hacking in. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested? Join up! Download and most importantly, enjoy! The Hybrid Realm Podcast - Video Game Podcast So Wanna help??? Wanna participate with some awesome opinions??? Contact me Here and wait for my response. Official Blog: http://thehybridrealm.blogspot.com/ Official Website: http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/ *Episode 1: Beginning http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-03-17T16_58_46-07_00 *Episode 2: Launch http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-03-25T20_34_07-07_00 *Episode 3: Meet The g1's http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-03-31T20_53_03-07_00 *Episode 4: The Road to SGC http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-04-09T22_30_16-07_00 *Episode 5: Sgc Looks Freaking Awesome! http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-04-18T18_47_35-07_00 *Episode 6: Music Mix #1 http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-05-07T12_37_39-07_00 *Episode 7: Meet Bryan the Intern http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-05-16T16_15_22-07_00 *Episode 8: Meet Nervous Nick http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-05-21T20_39_58-07_00 p.s: People need the feedback so constructive comments please...
The Hybrid Realm Episode 8:
May 21, 2009 08:39 PM PDT
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Hello listeners, i'm Linda and todays show is a bit short, Hybrid has finals so all the work is on me... Douche. So for todays entertainment we have Nervous Nick from ScrewAttack.com and the headlines with the latest incredible news for you: Queen Revieves a Gold Wii, no really gold... Spielberg: Games consoles doomed. Oh noes!!! D: Slimline PS3 pic publication prompts legal threat... means it's true??? Duke Nukem developer answers Take-Two suit... one word: OWNED. Sims 3 leaked two weeks before release... and they don't know if it's real... for more info check http://www.reghardware.co.uk/ Thanks for hearing last podcast, you are awesome. I hope you enjoy this interrogation. A little recap before going, if you wasn't able to hear latest episode, this is what you miss... And To ThatDudeInTheShades, a message from Hybrid: "It was fun talking to you on the live chat, will be expecting next one, really funny. Now let me study... aaaaggggghhhhhh DXHere and wait for my response. Official Blog: http://thehybridrealm.blogspot.com/ Official Website: http://thehybridrealm.podomatic.com/
Hybrid Realm Episode 7: Meet Brian the Intern
May 16, 2009 04:15 PM PDT
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  • Got into the 4th position of the Top 10 Video Game podcasts category on podomatic.com on April, 2009.
  • Got into the 4th position of the Top 10 Video Game podcasts category and Got the 12 position on the top 20 must heard Podcast on podomatic.com on May 11, 2009.
Welcome to the podcast, i'm L.I.N.D.A, the A.I. for the show, i know i had a different name but Hybrid Rain is just a douche. LOLOLOLOL In this week podcast we talk about the latest lawsuit by Take Two and maybe leak footage of the new version of the PlayStation 3, The second round of My Vids Don't Suck Contest recap and we Interrogate the first guest of the ScrewAttack Crew, Brian the Intern. A message from our creators: "... um Linda... i can read that... Anyway another awesome podcast for all of you and i'm bringing you the best interrogation, yes Bryan the Intern in the podcast we really had an awesome time and even the crew decided to join for a brief moment, don't miss this is freaking hilarius. But i have to say something, i recorded the whole thing but looks like i put too much volume and the thing got kind of screwed so after fixing it you might hear it a little low on quality... if not then i'm awesome big smile And someone during the recording was using ductape for something so at the begining you hear that.. not static. I have an announcement to make: *g1 ThatGuyInTheShades is making a Q&A live broadcast next tuesday, may 19th 8pm EST time. So if you want to know about his work just check this awesome broadcast at 91.8theFan website. Want more Info??? check this: And last one: *g1 Spazer like i said last week released his album "Games That Rock" and now he will release his second album "Games That Rock Vol. 2" i really recommend ya to download it when it gets out! But for now if you miss the first one you can download it here: "Games That Rock Volume 1" For the Headlines, this is the PS3 leak footage of the PS3 slim: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Source by ReqHardware: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/05/14/slimline_ps3_pictures/ and for the Take Two Lawsuit: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/05/15/taketwo_sues_apogee_over_dnf/ Ok thats all i think... if i miss something forgive me so just enjoy the podcast and see you next week with more interrogations. Linda please load the podcast." **Now Processing info. PLEASE STAND BY** HACKING IN. ENJOY.
The Hybrid Realm Episode 6: Music Mix 1
May 07, 2009 12:37 PM PDT
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Welcome to the Music Mix, i'm Khyra, your Podcast A.I.

I'll be your guide in this awesome podcast, so relax and enjoy the show.

A message from our creators:

"Hey everyone, Hybrid Rain here. Busy as hell but still with some awesome info for all of you. Khyra is our A.I for the podcast so hope you enjoy her companion when we are afk, don't get mad at her or she will kick your ass hehehehe.

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL OF YOU: g1 Spazer release his Games that Rocks album so you must check it out and download it, don't miss this awesome remix done by a talented g1.

You can downloaded here directly: http://screwattack.com/node/21161

So we have our first official music mix, on this week we have:

Castle Crashers - Thieves Forest
Halo 2 Soundtrack - Unyielding
Killer Instinct - Trailblazer
Rainbow Six - Holy, Holy, Holy (Interlude)
Donkey Kong Country - Gang-Plank
Portal - Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified
Metal Gear Solid Theme - Speed
g1 ZimDudeAlchemist - Streets of Rage Opening
g1 Nirreman - Mega Man 3 - Get Weapon (metal version)
g1 Tansunn - Megaman X Password
g1 Spazer - Mega Man Jam Pt 1 (Flash Man)

Enjoy the show, khyra please load the program."

**Now Processing info. PLEASE STAND BY**

The Hybrid Realm Episode 5: SGC Looks Freaking Awesome!!!!
April 18, 2009 06:47 PM PDT
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Too late, podomatic was on maintanance and till now the servers are back. So in todays show Omega Spring gets back into action, we talk about the schedule of SGC and looks damn good! We have a new segment call The Interrogation, and on todays seat we have g1 Spazer aka g1 Bongwaters who change his name and the interview was done before changing. This week we go kind of long but still awesome like always, and for the remix music we compile some of the g1 remix they have send us, so today we got: g1 kaggen - Bomberman stage remix g1 tansunn - Arthropod Queen g1 ZimDudeAlchemist and g1 zornox - sonic 3 ice cap g1 Spazer - Killer Instinct theme song g1 Nirreman - Kirby Super Star: Revenge of Metaknight - Ending (metal version) g1 chumber - Angry Video Game Nerd Ochestal version Enjoy the show! Logo Picture by: Bonus-Kun Picture Link: [Here]
The Hybrid Realm Episode 4: The Road To SGC
April 09, 2009 10:30 PM PDT
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Kind of late, but Audition decited to go "broken" mode so i decided do uninstall and reinstall and problem solve.

On todays episode Hybrid Rain goes alone for a few minutes and talks about an awesome convention that may become the most epic thing in Texas on July, ScrewAttack Gaming convention: Video Games, Anime, Cosplay, guest like the grand father of Video Games Noel Bushel and Jack Thompson... wait what????

On this weeks Video Game music mix:

1)Feeding Freenzy OC Remix - Contra
2)Snow field OC Remix - Contra
3)Hose The Gate - Light in the fortress
4)Ninja Gaiden 2 - Ninja Escape OC Remix
5)Gradius 3 - Prozax Power Up

Thanks to g1 fabio for submiting this awesome music
and now the g1 music submissions.

On the g1 music submission:
6)Streets of Rage Remix by g1 ZimDudealchemist
7)Boomberman Stage remix by g1 Kaggen
8)Killer instinct theme song by g1 Bongwaters
9)Stickerbrush Symphony Donkey Kong country 2 by g1 Tansunn

See ya next time!

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Hybrid Realm Episode 3: Meet the g1's
March 31, 2009 08:53 PM PDT
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This week we go full episode, like we said before this week we have two awesome g1's on our Ring Out! section, we will talk about something interesting about the OnLive Console killer (lol) and some kick ass music like always. Will they survive the awesomeness??? lets find out... On today's Mix: 1)Portal - Credits Song 'Still Alive' 2)Call Of Duty 4 SoundTrack - The Coup 3)Diablo II Music - Jungle 4)Megaman 3 Sparkman 5)Sonic 1 Music Green Hill Zone and our g1 remixes! 6)Kirby Super Star Revenge of Metaknight - Ending (metal version) by g1 nirreman 7)Suwer Surfin TMNT 4 by g1 Tansunn 8)Sonic 3 Ice Cap Remix by Zornox and ZimDudeAlchemist Enjoy the Awesomeness!!! Logo picture by: Slipgatecentral Picture link: Blood Elf Death Knith
Hybrid Realm Episode 2: Launch!!!
March 25, 2009 08:34 PM PDT
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This is our second episode of the month, ezz how are we evolving, today we have the mximus video game playerss on the world, you know wo am i talking about, your host Hybrid Rain and his pal Omega Spring! This episode is kind of short on the talk, since is just some announcements and news of the show, so for next week we will have a great show since we will have guest and g1's over here, what would it be??? jsut sit down and listen! and if maybe you don't want to hear our beautyful voices XP just skip to 10:05 and enjoy the video game mix we have becasue today we have 3 g1 remixes by Tansunn, nirreman and ZimDudeAlchemist! On todays show: 1.Comand and conquer red alert 3 - Hell MArch 3 2. Metal Gear Solid - Encounter 3. halo wars - spirit of fire 4. Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved 5. Megaman 2 Intro Remix - Project X 6. Zelda 2 - Temple Theme 7. Contra the stage 1 jungle music 3 g1 music submissions 8. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Boss theme by g1 Nirreman 9. Super Metroid Theme by g1 Tansunn 10. Galaxy Man by g1 ZimDudeAlchemist Logo picture by: David Grier Picture link: Kratos

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